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Can We Ever Stray Too Far From Redemption

Meet LAPD Detective Liam Dorn on his worst night. He lost an adolescent witness to a cop killing, was ambushed and left for dead, and accidentally shot and crippled his partner Memo Torres. He doesn’t know how close he came to uncovering a ring of former special forces operators turned crooked cops secretly led by his partner. And this was just the start of his problems. 



Months later, Dorn is sidelined to John Doe duty, working to ID corpses and self-medicating to dull his PTSD hallucinations and an undiagnosed case of low latent inhibition—a disorder that has him teetering on the ledge between preternatural crime scene savant and a full-blown schizophrenic break. Though his missing teenage witness is presumed dead, he continuous to follow the leads, putting him on a collision path with a criminal conspiracy involving the former special forces team, an LA based Guatemalan Gang, a Mexican cartel, a white supremacist militia, and a rogue Mexican intelligence officer who believes Dorn might be behind it all. 


John Doe follows the lives of Liam Dorn and a cast of characters in the aftermath of the ambush—some good, some bad, most caught in the spaces between.

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